Bon Prix: Get your Monokini Now!

Be the envy of everyone on the beach this year with the latest genius new piece of swimwear, the monokini! Not available in every store they will create a stir this year with the item everyone is taking about! As you can see its a mix between a bikini and a swimsuit that is linked by a strip of material. Perfect for when you are not sure if you are wanting to go the whole hog for a bikini but not wanting to stay in the shade with a full swimsuit!

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Its daring, its not available in most UK stores. Be the first person you know to sport this soon to legendary style! They come in various styles, showing more or less flesh in a range of colours!

The Monokini can be purchase from selected stores including Bon Prix!

One Response to Bon Prix: Get your Monokini Now!

  1. Sasha 2 September 2010 at 2:33 pm #

    When you think of the monokini you think of Borat! Just a regular bikini with a bit less material round the side and butt. Still might get you noticed!

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