Bravissimo: L Cup Bra Launch

Pardon the pun but Bravissimo have always been a big name in bras and lingerie in general but they have pushed the boundaries even further with an L Cup bra! The Alana bra is the biggest size stocked in the UK in regular off the peg styles.

Big bra specialists Bravissimo stock bras, swimwear and general lingerie in sizes D to K and now L cup to give you the best range for your size, never compromise again! The average bra size in the UK has risen from 34D to 34E in recent years as women can finally get the right bra size in the style they want!

These bras, the Alana, start at just £16 so you are not paying over the odds for the size you need!

Get the perfect bra from the big bra specialists Bravissimo , loads of offers available!

One Response to Bravissimo: L Cup Bra Launch

  1. Cary 26 January 2011 at 3:29 pm #

    Anyone who has had a bra bespoke will love this, no excuse to get the right size now!

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