Christmas Isnt Just For The Kids

OK the festive season can be a bit of a bother until you get all the prezzies bought, wrapped and shoved under the tree not to mention getting the shopping done and the turkey in. But when all thats done its usually party time so why not try to enjoy it like you were 9 not 99.

UK Lingerie Shops hope you got just what you asked Santa for, or you can change it in the near future without going all the way to Lapland. Your undies drawer should be bulging with luxury goodies at this time of year. If not theres always next year.

Its not been a shabby year for UK Lingerie Shops with almost 100 stores listed, double the number of brands reviewed and even more stuff for you to check out. We’ve got big DD Cup plans for 2013 so dont go anywhere too soon!

Take the weight off your feet and wrap up well for the cold and wet weather and we will see you in 2013!

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