Christmas Lingerie Buying Guide

Guys! With Christmas coming up you may be wanting to buy some undies for your other half. It makes a great pressie and one you can share (kind of) enjoy is a better word! Easier said than done of course. You could go down the vouchers route as long as you have something else for the big day and let her indulge herself with some retail therapy or try and get it right with the right size and style for the lady in your life!

Dont just walk into a store and hold the item up and guess, find the right size from her undies drawer. Just dont let her catch you doing it!

Judge what styles she likes. Shirley of Hollywood glam may not be her thing. Tiny thongs may not be her thing either. Buy her something she will enjoy wearing.

Below are a few bloke friendly stores:

M&S Famous money back guarantee, surprisingly racey undies and great value.

Figleaves The biggest lingerie store in the UK know about buying lingerie even if you dont! Sale prices all the time!

Delicates A whole section of advice about buying ladies lacies. No excuses!

Divissima Extra Brownie points for snapping up something a little bit more daring and exotic!

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