Come On Gents Get It Right This Valentines Day!

OK this is for the guys out there. There are three reactions to your Valentines Day gift:

Oh! You remembered.

Wow! Thats so thoughtfull…

No. Its OK I forgot as well. I also forgot about making dinner, cleaning and not going out tonight with my mates tonight.

A few minutes of thought could make you her number one guy not public enemy number one. She knows how much you earn she knows how much you can afford. Take a pre-emptive strike of gifting genius and tap into a full 12 months of maximum brownie points.

You know it makes sense. Best of all its so easy to buy lingerie, hosiery, nightwear and other goodies with stores selected by UK Lingerie Shops. Buying he right size is as easy as checking her undies drawer, vouchers are also good. The big day is on 14th February this year. Lets do this thing. May the force be with you!

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