Debenhams: Natural pump up bra pad

Debenhams has the product for the new decade! Forget push ups bras this lets you vary your bust with a few seconds notice!! Customise the look and shape of your bust by pumping up one of these inflatable pads, they cost just £5 for a pair and represent a really flexible and inexpensive way to change your look and fit easily inside your pocket or handbag.

Your bust can be boosted by a whole cup size by the Natural pump up bra pad, its quick and easy to pump up and they are also quick to deflate and store in your bag or pocket!! Perfect for that moment where you need a boost!!

These are going to huge (pardon the pun!) in 2010! They work with all sizes and types of bras meaning you dont need to pay over the odds for expensive boosting bras!

Get your Natural pump up bra pad for just £5 at Debenhams!!!

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