Divissima: Daring Lingerie For Daring People

Divissima have created a great range of mini lingerie which gives emphasis to the best thing, which is you! Tiny, revealing bras and skimpy strings and thong style panties that are comfortable and naughty in the right way! These items come all the way from Italy, not readily available in the UK. Mini lingerie, mini swimwear, underwear and general luxury lingerie that will turn plenty of heads this summer!

Buy now and get outlet store prices up to 40% off! Plus if you send them a picture of you in your Divissima you could win 70EU and get featured on their website as a model!

Divissima is perfect getting some attention, are you brave enough?

Tiny lingerie and swimwear at prices to match at Divissima

One Response to Divissima: Daring Lingerie For Daring People

  1. Claire 24 May 2012 at 11:42 am #

    Are you brave enough? I love a challenge 🙂 Thing is, I love skimpy thongs and pants, I find them comfier than proper knickers as you barely know they’re there but skimpy bras are a no-no for ladies with a bigger bust. Even for bedroom sport, as some support is definitely need, even when just striking a sultry pose for the lover!

    But mini-thongs? Hell yeah!

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