Higive: The Modern Way To Give A Gift

Higive has just been added to the listings at UK Lingerie Shops, its a convenient way to give a gift when you dont have the delivery address. When you think about it there are loads of ways this could be of use, in the modern world you are more likely to know someones Facebook page, Twitter or IM account or email address than their postal address and this site lets you give a gift through a third party website. Best of all Higive will refund you if your gift is not accepted so you only pay if its delivered.

Perfect for online dating, expanding social networking contacts or loads more applications. There are loads of different gifts on offer such as lingerie, beauty, bags, general clothing and technology. Postage is included in the very low prices!

Higive is the first service of its kind in the UK and is bound to be popular with the explosion of the web and social networking and chatting online.

Designer gifts that will help you make a real impression, Higive has great value and choice with a unique way of giving!

From to flowers to lingerie and designer clothing, someone could get a really nice surprise very soon!

Reach out today with Higive!

One Response to Higive: The Modern Way To Give A Gift

  1. Clicker 3 July 2012 at 12:13 pm #

    It had to happen! Still bribery though, but could come in handy. A good idea, wish I’d had it!

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