Lingerie for Christmas

Christmas is just 5 weeks away hurray! Well maybe not, all these gifts to buy, remembering what you got last year and trying to anticipate what will be a hit this year. Its not even that its just a pressure to find something that is right, that says you spent time selecting rather than spending megabucks! With the current climate there are plenty of bargains out there, no-one wants to to make a costly mistake!

Lingerie/underwear can be a great intimate gift which says ‘I know what you like!’ Now is the time to put your thinking cap on for gifts for your other half, plenty of time to choose and order, not to mention a little bit of raking through your other halfs undies drawer! In the best possible sense of course! Find out the styles and sizes involved plus a few brands your other half seems to favour.

Most stores will have a special ‘partner gift’ return policy which will mean your other half is fine to return and exchange, vouchers are also a possibility but most people favour having something to try on the day. Many of the big stores (Figleaves, La Senza and M&S) will have specific advice on buying for someone else make use of it!

What styles does your other half favour? Are they are shrinking voilet or vixen? If you want to bring out their other side you could buy something suggestive or just add to the undies they have already.

Good luck!

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