Lingerie Industry for 2008

The lingerie and ladies underwear industry has been one of the few success stories of 2008 with figures up by almost 10% in the last year alone. Two of the largest reasons for this have been the renewed interest in corsets and the rise of shapewear products.

The recent downturn has hit consumer demand and production is down for 2009. But you can expect the low prices which have caused many women to consider more elaborate designer continental brands rather than generic store brands such as those sold by M&S amongst others to continue well into 2009.

UK Lingerie Shops has been around for almost 3 years now and has been a champion of low prices in that time, we bring you the best stores with the best value and the best deals from leading brands. There is a real variety of stores from old established names like M&S and BHS to specialists such as Figleaves and la Senza plus some niche markets like corsets, shapewear, maternity and hosiery. There are products for all budgets from day to day to the height of luxury.

Guys should not be left out, luxury gents underwear and swimwear is very much a boom business for the 21st century. UK Lingerie Shops has that covered as well!!

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