Lingerie Sector keeps growing

The lingerie and underwear sector continues to grow, bucking the trend for the UK economy. Agent Provocatuer showed growth of 8%, while Ultimo has beated all previous records for expansion with new stores in quite a few cities across the country.

Unless you have had your head in the sand on a desert island for the last year you will know that production sector has faced its toughest time for over 20 years, why does the underwear and lingerie industry seem to buck this trend constantly?

Lingerie is perceived as being luxury, while modern production techniques and fabrics mean that delicate items can be produced at a fraction of the previous cost and are able to be machine washed and worn frequently rather than an imported luxury made from fragile hand washable materials. Thus you get a luxury product for daily underwear prices, lingerie is no longer something for the weekend!

General clothing has got cheaper and cheaper in cost in recent years, with supermarkets selling clothing for next to nothing. While this is good the quality is not the same as it was 20-25 years ago, do we really expect clothing to last more than a year or two these day? Lingerie is seen as being a high value item and with high standards even on non-designer brands.

Whether mens perception of lingerie as a reliable gifting idea has affected this is probably a minor matter, ladies love lingerie! Mens underwear is another expanding industry, the pink pound and metrosexuality mean that mens underwear is a very fertile area (pardon the pun).

One Response to Lingerie Sector keeps growing

  1. Shaz 16 July 2009 at 11:50 am #

    My lingerie sector keeps growing, I should probably go on a diet…

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