Lingerie trends for 2009

Lingerie is more popular than ever and has been bucking the global downturn, with millions spent by all types of women and all ages. Modern lingerie is cheaper and easier to care for while being made in a larger range of sizes to suit all types of occasions. Occasional lingerie such as bridal, seductive and sports mean you dont have to ‘settle’.

Below are a few trends that are huge this year:

Corsets – Previously prohibitively expensive these beauties boost your curves upward and pull your waist inwards, in addition to giving you a sense of classic chic, certain types can even be worn outside with jeans!

Shapewear – From Ultimo and Wonderbras that boost your assets to figure sculpting and even celeb tricks like body tape and pads that create a body shape that is all you.

Plus Sizes – Plus sizes are not new of course, but the fact that you can now get better ranges for plus sizes means you dont need to compromise on style. The days of not being able to get the style you want in your size are over, stores are popping up who specialise in sizes 14+ and cup sizes DD+. Getting beautifull, perfectly fitting lingerie is not just for size 12’s!

Silks and Satins – These make your lingerie look (and feel) like the highest luxury and had previously been too expensive and fragile for many. With modern processes and techniques you can get the sheer feel with no more expense that usual and no special care conditions.

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