Lingerie Washing Tips

Ladies are always wanting to have some quality lingerie washing tips to help you avoid those costly mistakes and make your favourite bits last as long as they can.

Lingerie Washing Tips are as follows:

1/ Lingerie manufacturers dont neccessarily want your undies to last forever, so take the washing instructions with a pinch of salt. Stick to delicate and low temperature washes or handwashing unless items are cheap day-to-day items.

2/ Hang cotton items out to dry rather than machine drying them. even if you are machine washing.

3/ Have any silk items dry cleaned (or hand wash with a mild detergent)

4/ Make synthetic fibres last longer by using a fabric softener instead of a detergent on delicate wash cycle.

5/ Items containing lace, wire and padding are especially prone to damage so take particular care with what cycle they are put in at.

6/ Dont let silk air dry as it will turn yellow, use an iron (at low temperature) instead.

The best thing to remember in terms of Lingerie Washing Tips is to read the label and err on the side of caution. Lower temperatures and less vigourous cleaning will add slightly longer life to your knick-knacks.

Hopefully these Lingerie Washing Tips will be of some use and help prevent any disasters!!!!

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