New Report Says Bras Are Bad


First womens lib with burn your bras now French ‘Scientists’ claim that wearing bras are bad for womens breasts. More bad news for the lingerie industry. OK so M&S and Agent Provocateur wont be closing their doors any time soon, but are bras bad for the support of boobs?

Jean-Denis Rouillon (whoever he is) came up the proposition that the muscles that make ladies breast perky get a work out by not wearing bras, lessening back pain and improved posture. Really? He goes on to state that older ladies should wear bras but that there is no benefit for younger ladies.

Read the story and make your own mind up Metro, was 16 years of his life well spent? Hmmm.

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In the meantime, while Mr Rouillon completes his studies we advise you to support and strap with a perfectly sized bra fitted just for you!

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