Paris Hilton Released

Paris Hilton, released this morning after 3 days of her 45 day sentence for parole violation, is causing more controversy across the world. Her original sentence was reduced to 23 days and not has been comuted to being tagged electronically.

Paris Hilton released her own range of lingerie, perfume and gifts line during 2004 which have failed to make much of an impact on consumers. Busy Paris also owns a chain of night clubs throughout the USA.

Poor Paris has now been put on an Identity Bracelet scheme for the remainder of her 42 days. UK Lingerie Shops wants to know if her bracelet is customised and encrusted with diamonds. Will Paris be the first to have a made to measure couture radio ASBO bracelet and will her next venture be a line of clothing featuring stripes…

Reports are unsubstantiated that Paris took ill while watching The Shawshank Redemption…. Paris Hilton was released today under terms of her ASBO type order and has already been out and about driving her luxury car.

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