Even super slim celebs with washboard tums swear by Shapewear, whether you want to boost your assets or flatten your belly there are dozens of nifty shapewear products on the market to give you an edge!

Shapewear is the nearest you will get to a gym-toned bod without spending hours down the gym! You always buy clothes which make the most of what you have so why would you not get lingerie/underwear that nips and tucks in all the right places!!!

Shapewear is perfect for figure hugging dresses, tight knitwear and modern jeans when you want to impress (even yourself!).

Shapewear is perfect for JLO curves, flat belly, boosted cleavage or a Betty Boop hour glass figure!!

Shapewear is also called control underwear, padded bras, gel bras , power briefs etc

Shapewear can be found at the following recommended stores: Figleaves, La Senza and Marks And Spencers

One Response to Shapewear

  1. Rebecca Marshall 20 April 2008 at 10:25 am #

    Didn’t even know that existed, am currently on a diet and almost at my ideal weight, however I might try the Shape wear out to see if it can give me a flatter tummy.

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