Trinny and Susannah Get 900 Ladies to Strip Down for New show

In a less than subtle publicity stunt TV pair Trinny and Susannah persuaded 900 ladies from Rothwell in Northants to remove their poorly fitting bras and throw them up in the air.

The new programme, Trinny and Susannah: Undress The Nation, will encourage women to get bras properly fitted which look and feel better as a result. Great, but fortunately you dont need to watch any TV to know how to get your ideal bra measured…we have all the details here!

Getting an accurate bra size is simple. Take the measurement directly under your breasts (Bra Size), and add 5 and round up to the nearest even number. Next take the measurement around the widest part of your breasts (Breast Size)

Subtract your Breast Size from your Bra Size to get your Cup Size. If the difference is 1 then you are an A, 2 a B and 3 a C and so on.

When measuring wear a soft and unpadded bra that does not change the shape of your bust significantly.

It is recommend that this process is repeated once a year to ensure a proper fit.

The new Trinny and Susannah show will air later this year.

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