UK Lingerie Shops Sections

UK Lingerie Shops Sections are as follows:

The Ladies Section has 38 shops and is general for ladies lingerie, nightwear and swimwear. Some shops featured are La Senza, Figleaves, Contessa and departmentstores like John Lewis and M&S.

The Naughty But Nice section has 8 shops such as Ann Summers and Natural Instinct and has lingerie shops who dare to go a little bit further with more risque garments and may feature some sex toys.

The Mens Section has 4 shops including JustHom. This section is either for ladies who want their men to wear designer underwear or men who want to look their best at all times.

These are the UK Lingerie Shops Sections we have at the present time. more on UK Lingerie Shops Sections when we change to the format of the site in the future.

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